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  1. Brian Brown

    Brian Brown EF Member

    North Warwickshire
    I have a 13 amp socket in my kitchen which, from behind the switch plate a green sticky substance appears occasionally on the wall. I have just removed the socket plate and revealed that the substance appears to be coming from the three core wire sheath.
    I suspected one of the core cables was overheating but the socket is never overloaded and is in continual use and has never shorted out.

    Could anyone please tell me what might be causing the problem. I guess the cure will be to get the cables replaced.
  2. westward10

    westward10 In echoed steps I walk across an empty dream. Staff Member Moderator

    It is known a chemical migration the cable is probably not overheating. This is caused by plasticisers added to pvc years ago to make it more flexible and a chemical reaction is taking place causing it to migrate from the pvc hence the green goo. It may be worth getting your electrics checked over to see the extent of it and replace the cables as necessary. Wash your hands thoroughly if you have touched it.
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  3. Taylortwocities

    Taylortwocities Electrician's Arms

    Your easy guide
  4. Wilko

    Wilko Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Wilko Electrics
    Hi - yes as per @westward10@westward10, a quote from the article on green goo below.
    "Di-isoctyl phthalate is a toxic substance and suitable protective clothing should be worn when handling waste materials. Special attention should be paid to hygiene when working on contaminated installations. "
    I think the comment is more intended for someone working on an installation with multiple affected cables, but you get the drift.
    Green Goo -
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  5. littlespark

    littlespark Electrician's Arms

    Scottish Borders
    re #3
    I can't take that guy seriously with Stewie looking at me like that
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  6. Brian Brown

    Brian Brown EF Member

    North Warwickshire
    Thank you both for your replies. Rather an interesting outcome. I have cleaned everything up as best I can and I will get round to getting the cable replaced.Thanks again. Regards. Brian.
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