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  • for "experimentation" only… what is the best model of firestick to get to install kodi on? Should just get the best one available?60 quid or whatever it is? Have used kodi on my laptop, xbox one and originally a raspberry pi…. but everything fails, or is too slow to use on a daily basis I […]
  • Hi all… just after some independent opinions… I have a VM install with 4 units in one building. The VM the engineer ran one cable from the street to the basement. He then installed a 2 way passive splitter : one output for one unit and then the other output into a cupboard. In the […]
  • Best part of the forum to ask? Gone away for a holiday, and come back to find the girls have bust my telly. (Could have been eldests bf, he’s got a habit of breaking stuff) It’s a decade old Samsung UE32F5000AK, nothing special, it’s just for Skyq watching in the evenings. There is sound, but […]
  • What colours do virgin use for phone lines… My cable is broken and I want to re connect
  • Had sky Q for a while now and everything was fine. Over xmas, some mornings i would have to reset the wifi connection on the box itself…. which means inputting the lengthy wifi password. I put this down to maybe interference by a multitude of flashing fairy lights causing interference. Now all that's cleared away, […]
  • Hi all, Looking for some advice on first fix for sky and freesat TV, I've quoted a WF100 shotgun and a single to both bedrooms and lounge, plan was to run all shotguns to external point for Sky to terminate into LNB and fit amp and digital aerial for the 3 freesat points. Terminated in […]
  • I have moved into a new build house and need to set up my TV, Computer, Internet etc. I need to have a TV aerial installed. I am confused by the coax cabling installed by the builders. There is a TV wall socket in the living room and one in a bedroom. In the loft […]
  • Hi All, Electrician, not TV/Sat Engineer. Currently in process of first fixing new build and client has asked us to install cables (first fix) for TV positions. Have previously installed 2No coax and 2No network cables (more recently Cat6) to each point for the 'now' and some degree of 'future proofing'. However, with the likes […]
  • So, my PS4 is gathering dust in the corner. What games should I buy? Not looking to spend a fortune. CHEERS!
  • Try playing PoE and Diablo immortal. Here are some tips for a successful start. To get started in Path of Exile (PoE): Spend time familiarizing yourself with the game: Check out the guides, video tutorials, or go through the tutorial mode to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics and systems of the game. Pay attention […]
  • Not used this part of the forum much. My girls have got for Christmas, or the middle ones birthday in January, every Just Dance game since they came out. We used to get them on the Wii, then the Xbox one. This year however, it’s only available on Xbox series X or series S, not […]
  • Hey guys! I really like the game "The Last of Us". Do you know something similar and similar in theme? I will be grateful for feedback.
  • Well i dont know about your views but i cannot wait for the release of the new game out november 3rd. It looks like they are going back to proper old school war games with no silly space walking or wall jumping like the other previous versions of COD. Anyone remember the original COD and […]
  • Somehow from the recesses of my mind I remembered a level from a FPS perspective that was an almost entirely dark cave with a light source at the middle. To get through this level you had to avoid being struck by the light source as it would slowly burn your character to death. It was […]
  • Just wondering what games you have. I did have around 180 for the xbox 360. But have about 20 for the xbox one. I'll list them a bit later. I just thought I'd create a thread for now.
  • With a lot of supposed backlash which I feel is somewhat a deliberate rating bashing by gaming critics, what do you think of it? I actually overall enjoyed it and my only critique is the cutscenes are too many and too long and the fact you cannot skip them even after completing the game.

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  • I've recently watched Dave at EEVBlog changing the batteries in a $4500 Chord Hugo DAC and it got me thinking about my audio equipment. I was thinking of first upgrading my power leads. I was looking at one of these Nordost Odin 2 I would need a 2.5m lead which at £32,375 seems quite a […]
  • Got this advertised locally, don’t know if it’s worth a punt.
  • Hello, I am posting to ask what is the best way to remove some Virgin cables that are clipped to the side of my bungalow, and the associated boxes. These have been there since I bought the bungalow but I don't use Virgin, I have no intention to and I now need it all removed […]
  • Hi guys, looking for advice as not done this before. I'm looking at wiring multiple devices ( sky/ VM box, PlayStation, dvd player) in a cupboard and want them on 3 tvs ( bedroom, lounge and dinning room) would a 4 in one out hdmi splitter work with a hdmi over cat 6 extenders with […]
  • Hi, ive got an old Samsung i think LCD tv, which ive connected my firestick to. It works ok once it decides to turn on, but to turn it i have to wait for 10 mins of the tv flicking on and off. I can turn it on without the firestick plugged in or if […]
  • Need some help with a Sony TC108 tapecorder.Need a schematic
  • I have just bought an Innuos music server not realising it has no built in Wi-fi capability, but needs an ethernet wired connection to the router. This could be done only by placing it in the cupboard where the router lives, whereas I wanted to place it alongside my Naim streamer upstairs. So the manufacturer […]
  • One of my Christmas prezzies was a set of Bose Soundlink headphones that can be used wired or wireless. I have paired them with my old Panasonic TV and they are working perfectly. I would like to use them with the TV in the bedroom which is a Samsung UE32T5300 and which doesn't have Bluetooth […]

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