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  • Does anyone know if the pending new non compete laws affect IBEW retiree restrictions against working in the electrical industry?
  • I am thinking of giving up my local suppliers, and getting most of my materials form internet suppliers. They appear to have much better prices. I find that with local suppliers the cost somehow keeps mounting up and there is a great big nasty bill at the end of the month. Anyone else use internet […]
  • Hi, I’m after some advice. Back in 2005/6 I did the city and guilds 2351 course but never completed the last log book to gain the NVQ level 3. The company who i was with sacked me and since then I’ve been working for a company since, got comfortable they pay me a good wage […]
  • Hi all, I'm currently VAT registered with 16 people on board and trying to decided whether to set up a separate entity that is not VAT registered to pick up smaller domestic work to fill the gaps between our normal bread and butter work. Extras as such for the lads to earn some extra money […]
  • Hi guys, I never really come on here to be honest, but I thought I’d get the opinion of a world of unknown to me electrical contractors because why the hell not. Even though the position I’m in drives me up the wall, it’s one of those “good problems to have”. I’m spoilt for choice, […]
  • I have been looking at some companies On like indeed looking at hiring sparks. Some per hour between £15-18.50. Some of us sparks jump through hoops to get where we are, I know the Jib rate for sparks, but to be honest OK you giving some sparks a job, but really. I think they are […]
  • I bouught a Nissan Townstar EV and have found what I consider a theft problem All previous vans I have had allowed the driver to enter and exit the vehicle with the rear storage compartment still locked. When you opened the van you could set it to global or local unlock, this helped prevent opportunictic […]
  • Wondering how many of you have electric vans now being used as your main electricians van? Are they good enough now to use for work? Had a similar thread on tilersforums and there's one guy that had them since they were shyte and he stuck with them and now says they're brilliant and definitely worth […]
  • Currently I’m using freeagents platform for invoicing and it’s decent and gets the job done but it’s lacking a few features. Firstly I want to be able to get a notification when customer has viewed the invoice on their email or text. It drives me up the wall when customers take forever to pay and […]
  • I wanted to thank you all who have subscribed to the forum. Really really helping right now as Google has dropped off a cliff. So you're literally paying for hosting and whatnot. And my time has been unpaid for a fair while now but it's okay with having a lung out I'm getting financial help […]
  • Hi So after working for a company i have decided to go self employed and start my own business. people on checkatrade my builder and rated people are quoting so low the work isnt actually worth it plus the fees its basically working for a company again. What are the classic methods of organically generating […]
  • Hi guys, I've gotten AI to write up a terms and conditions for my company and then went through it with AI and tweaked it to make it sound a little more human and less robotic lol. I've tried to keep it as clear and concise as possible to avoid any problems with clients that […]
  • Hello fellow sparks, I’ve decided to go out on my own. Recently bought a little van and trying to get myself set up whilst keeping my costs as low as possible. I haven’t really got work (not been putting myself out there yet) but I’m not too worried about not getting work as I can […]
  • Hi, I'm new to this forum and trade as DF Electrics – Small Job Specialist based in Ellastone, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I'm now back on the tools at nearly 60 after my retail business of 10 years was killed off by lockdowns. I thought I would hate it but, you know, I love my job! […]
  • Hi all, Is there companies or people out there that can help source sub contract work as im not sure where to start. I know you get recruitment companies to help you getting PAYE work places but i really want to get some sub contract work but didnt know if there is somewhere you can […]
  • Hypothetically, what happens if you were paid twice for the same work? Hypothetically of course.
  • Hi All, Just came across James Dewane youtube channel – Marketing for electricians Marketing For Electricians – Have any of you seen these videos? If so do the techniques he mentions work? I was thinking more along the line for domestic work, letting/estate agents etc Thanks Michael
  • We have a chap who works for us a lot and who is self employed. We have found out that he may have done some work recently for one of our clients who we have not done anything for in about 6 years or so. Just wondered what your view is on him doing work […]
  • Good evening guys, Has anyone had any recent experience with becoming an ECA registered member? Does anyone know the cost involved? They don't advertise these things on their website!
  • I am an experienced electrical engineer consultant in building services, and I am looking to expand my professional horizons by taking on side jobs during weekends or bidding on new projects. With 5 years of industry experience under my belt, I feel confident in my abilities to deliver excellent results. However, I am seeking advice […]

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