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  • Hi Have to say Meterel not been very helpful here. Has anyone any experience of using the current clamps on domestics where you cannot get your current and voltage stakes in the ground near the property? I have a project where it is TNCS, in very rural area prone to loss of Neutral. I have […]
  • Hi all I was wondering what everyone’s preferred certification software is , I’ve been having a go with easy cert and NAPIT fast test 2
  • Hi all, The electrical network in my house (Antwerp, BE) is quite old and consists of two phases of about 140 volts. This gives me approximately 240 volts at the socket. Earth cable connected. So the Fluke 6500 tester gives two errors: 77 that there is no ground. And I can see the second error […]
  • its not due a test until november 2024 , but in one of our block of flats ,a schneider 24 way db has been installed on the right hand side of a tight cupboard. the door is hinged on the left. schneider dont make a right hinged door. im mostly out of ideas other than […]
  • Hello all, I am new to PAT testing and have a Fluke 6500-2. I am having an issue whereby I cannot seem to drop the voltage down to 250V when testing a surge protected extension lead. I have read in a couple of places that without a means of lowering it from 500V simply hit […]
  • Hi All, My colleague and I are currently doing PAT/ISITEE Testing, and we've hit a snag with a bit of equipment – we've got 19" Racks for our equipment that each have a Surge Protected Extension Lead mounted into them, they're Class I, and we test them on 250V. Earth Cont. and IEC Cont. are […]
  • I am PAT testing an induction hob. It passes the Earth test, but then fails on the Insulation Test. Item is about 3 years old, no damage to unit or cables both inside and outside….Any thoughts
  • 45metre 1.25 mm 3 core extension reel with a 1362 13A fuse well known manufacturers uk product……no RCD just your standard moulded plug from factory let the fun begin!
  • Yes, we all know it is In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment now… We are thinking of sending our technician on a course to get some formal accreditation in this. We have a Seaward 100 (that our now-retired technician used at our previous place), and they can work their way through our own equipment, […]
  • Hi all! I am looking to sell some used electrical items (eBay), and am considering (unlike the vast majority of eBay business sellers) testing them for electrical safety prior to sale. The items will be a mix of class 1, 2 and 3. Having carried out some preliminary research, I have rapidly found this to […]
  • Insulation test live to earth = 0.7 ohms. This is a long length of buried swa cable (approx 100m) from mains in to submain. Test done with live and earth disconected at main and with switch off at sub main. Question – is this an accurate reading or am I misding something. Its a big […]
  • after changing a consumer unit I have a high level flood light and photocell that can’t be reached. on the EICR I can LIM these due to height . the photocell is a NEMA plastic double insulated type the floodlight however is a SON-T and I suspect its a metal case !
  • I recently had an interview for a trainee pat test engineer position. They said the target for the engineers is 400 a day. Is this realistic nowadays?
  • Hi all, We have a limited in house PAT testing requirement and were advised that the TIS700 fitted our needs. The unit works fine for 110V and 230V extension lead testing, but we're having issues testing 4 and 5 pin 415V extensions. We are using adaptors that came with our (very) old PAT tester, which […]
  • Hi, I carry out PAT testing on landlord appliances for letting agents in rented accommodation. Occasionally some of the items I cannot access the plugtop without issues e.g appliances on Lino floor where it is impossible to remove without damaging the floor, cooker hoods with units built around casing or a lot of silicone each […]
  • Hello everyone Ive recently done my first pat test on a local disco, which was quite the learning curve. But in the end i got through it and i am happy with my results, except with some disco lights i am using a battpat as my trainer said it was good for basic work as […]
  • Now Ive done Periodic Inspection and Initial Virification Qualifications with LCL/EAL (so non C&G 2394/95) # strange part building Modules , this is like a part of the building than you slide in and then hook up. my Manager says i could find out the Zs , i look puzzled at this but the guy […]
  • G99 SGI-3 4.4 kw set export limit phase to neutral loop impedance test on site 0.309 ohms and dno max being 180 m ohms or 0.018 ohms so site reading are well over the top or is this not unuall for 1950 lead cable TN-s
  • Hi, I perform annual PAT checks for my company (office and workshop). The Apollo 400 machine we use has recently gone for calibration and service and since it's come back, items which passed easily last year (Earth Continuity below 0.1ohm), are now not passing. I've now raised the earth continuity limit to factor in cable […]

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