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  • Hello. I have a Litecom CCD controller installed. When logging into the web interface at its ip address, it asks for a password, the password is lost. There was an attempt to reset the controller by pressing the Function button for 30 seconds, but the password still remained. There are no suitable instructions, except for […]
  • Hello Any recommendations for test cert software for use by NICEIC contractors? Currently using the Clik Cert software on a desktop which is fine but looking to start using tablets on site. Is Clik Cert software good and essy enough to use for this or can someone recommend something better? Thanks.
  • I have paid to access the BSI docs on the NAPIT (£90 p.a.) They have a zip file 230mb that is full of PDF files. I cannot access it. I have tried unzipping it and looking with Adobe to no avail. I have contacted NAPIT who are no help. Has anyone solved this enigma?
  • Can anyone recommend software I could use to convert Napit test results across to a site schematic. These are big reports, some +1000 circuits. Any sort of recommendation would help. Ive over 20 sites need drawn up
  • Hi All, long time no see. I was having a problem with LED controller failures, so instead of sitting there for hours watching a scope and a multimeter I thought I would get a DMM that had the option of plugging it via USB into a laptop and logging the data to review it from […]
  • Evening Looking for software (or excel spreadsheet) to view data taken using Fluke 1735 power logger, Fluke software is ok but I'm wondering if there's anything else available?
  • Hi. Became niceic qs for approved contractor earlier this year. It's finally happened completed and finalised a certificate as requested only for them to change some of the information for it. (DB name) We use the niceic certsure online portal. Is there a way to edit once submitted? From memory I think duty holder had […]
  • I’m looking for instructions for a Wylex SMSCD11 timer – can’t find one anywhere and I’m stumped. Client has one that controls a contactor for her heating. I’ve bypassed it for now but could do with th correct instructions. The ones she has are for a completely different timer so it must have been changed […]
  • Hi all, does anyone happen to have a blank pdf for this checkbox, to keep a log of your calibration checks or have a link to where I can get a copy? Much appreciated.
  • Looking for a decent free cad app if anyone can recomend any
  • Hi Everyone, I hope you all well. Could you please recommend a good software for periodic inspections, which I can use on my Ipad. Many thanks!
  • Hi. If I carry out a PIR and decide to not carry out a R1+R2 or R2 test, but instead use the EFLI test to prove continuity of protective conductors, Easycert fails the validation. The row turns red and tells me that I need to enter the R1+R2. I thought R1+R2 was really for initial […]
  • Anyone using the above, I have posted elsewhere with no response, I seem to be having difficulty populating the results from my MFT, any hints.

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