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  • Hi there, anyone had any experience with the generation 3 inverter I'm having problems connecting to the hotspot feature. Thanks
  • A fridge but in reverse? The fascinating science of heat pumps – visualised Despite being more like a refrigerator than a gas boiler, this home heating technology could slash Britain’s emissions, and bills This guardian article explains it really well with awesome graphics. How many of you guys are into this?
  • I currently have a 3Kwh solar PV system which was installed over 12 years ago and getting a very good FIT payment and I don't want to lose it! I'm thinking about having a 10Kw battery installed, the idea being that I can divert excess generation to the battery and also have the facility to […]
  • Greetings, I have a 5kwh solis hybrid inverter (S5-EH1P5K-L) with 12 (390W) JA solar panels . I was wondering if there's any requirement to install any DC isolation between the battery and the inverter or they can they just be simply connected to each other?
  • I have an 11kw inverter installed at home. If I turned on enough appliances it would be possible overload the inverter. Is there a way to detect this and avoid it?
  • I would like to know if it is possible to dynamically control the available current to Hot Water cylinder that has 3 x 4.8Kw immersion heater elements. The house supply is single phase 63A supply. When something like a jug or oven is turned on, then I wish to the HW cylinder load to be […]
  • I have a new LiFePo4 battery arriving. It has the BMS a built in, however the means of communication is via this pig tail. I could not copy a picture here, but a link to the description of it is below. I want to hardwire 3 Alarms. This is my understanding of the wiring I […]
  • Hello Have purchased a 500 w mini wind turbine to help charge leisure batteries in our temporary mobile home. I have sourced and fabricated a sturdy metal bracket to mount it 6 metres in the air. It's connected back to the batteries in the Mobile which is connected to an inverter to provide some 220v […]
  • Has anyone got any good stories /recommendations of a small domestic turbine . I have read a lot , and it seems its not always viable . I do have a good location out of turbulence and in my opinion its always bloody windy. I`m looking to have a try at installing something as a […]
  • We have just done a new build and put in a heat pump. 6kw supply. Insulation galore. I don't think it's gonna work.
  • Hi, I'm new to this forum. I had a 4kW PV system installed in 2011 with SMA inverter. It has performed without fault and I'm now considering adding battery storage. I'm looking for advice on the best sort of system to use, and manufacturers and installers in SE England. My estimated annual load is about […]
  • Should homes for sale be made to reach a certain energy efficiency grade ? 'You'll soon need double-glazing to get a mortgage': ADRIAN LOWERY says the need to green homes for net zero is on a collision course with middle-class period property obsessions
  • Hi, I wish to buy discounted solar battery storeage, eg Powervault. Powervault • Be part of the solution Be part of the solution I can get £2k discount if i agree to "grid-flex", in other words, i connect it to the internet, and let the power company sometimes have control of my battery, and […]
  • Hi, How do you control a storage battery when it is in a house that also has an Air Source Heat Pump? (also solar panels on the roof))
  • Hi, I have a Zappi charge point, and a myenergi Hub. I also have a battery/solar system. How do i "pair" these together? Or dont i need to do anything?
  • hi , i have been googling eg "grid tied inverter disconnection voltage in UK" but no luck Does a grid tied inverter disconnect of mains is outside 230V+10% and 230V-6% ? And does it take 4 minutes to reconnect?….ie, it waits for mains to come into range again, and then assures its been in range […]
  • Hi, I have purchased a battery/inverter/solar system for my home. I also have a smart meter, and an app which links into my smart meter to get the power data from the smart meter. The battery/solar/inverter system also tells me how much energy I am using. However, its readings are not accurate as the smart […]
  • Hi, I have solar/battery system in my house. Every now and again, just for say 30 mins in a day, i note that i am importing electricity from the grid even when the battery is full. Why is this happening. It doesnt happen all the time, but more often than i would like. Why is […]
  • Home radiators will have to be 10 degrees cooler for Britain to reach climate targets Radiators would have to run 10 degrees cooler under changes to homes needed for Britain to hit net zero, the public has been warned. The Government has said it wants 600,000 heat pumps replacing gas boilers every year by 2028 […]
  • Just watch and learn something new about our combatting of global warming!

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