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  • I just wondered if anyone had any tips for testing an irritating design. It's a large self-storage facility, several RCBO protected lighting circuits serving two floors, no light switches anywhere, just PIRs on radial circuits controlling about 4 lights each and there's about 30 such setups. Emergency lighting comes from a separate branch near… Read […]
  • Hi, I recently had an EICR done at my property which unfortunately was unsatisfactory. So the electrican advised a new fuseboard from BG General or Fusebox but he advised there will be alteration to the wall as the unit is flush mount inside wall and the mounting frame is glued in with screws and the […]
  • Hi, I had an EICR done and it failed on one item which was a C2 and that was in our utility room. From what I was told there is an open circuit and no continuity. It took a long while but after questions asked, it was ascertained that the previous owner had an old […]
  • Wondering if anyone can advise as I’m struggling to understand the regs, I’ve never tested or even worked on a TT system. I have tested an old farm that has been converted to a school so it is no longer an agricultural premises. The main supply is a three phase PME which feeds all 6 […]
  • I think I've Posted this before, but I've just updated it. Some of the sparks where I work still get a little confused of what the different areas of the tick sheet mean and what needs to put in there, so I wrote this up to help them. I hope its of some help to […]
  • 5 5.6Over-current protective device rating exceeds the current carrying capacity of the circuit, feeding multiple outlets / accessories. See Regulations 433.1.1; 533.2. the electrician is stating you need full rewring and I dont think this is the case. can anyone help and advised what would be the solution to the problem
  • Private tenant since 2011. First ever eicr February 23 informed via text it failed by text from electric secretary arranging appointment for repairs, obvs gonna fail as bodge jobs themselves! Electrical company, agent, landlord are all friends, I've been given no reports , certificates, or verbal communication as to why under what category… Read more
  • Question is does this DB really need RCD protection as there are only internal lights and sockets supplying this large building that used to be a mansion and is now 4 flats. heres the DB its labelled L/L on the right only providing 3 light pendants a timer light and 2 single sockets all in […]
  • Morning all So the site I'm based at recently had some work done (think partitioners). This package of work included electrical. This was actually good news to me in a way, as it was one less job for me to do on an already busy schedule – but it was niggling at me that I'd […]
  • I'm interested how you would all approach this one. A 3 phase distribution board on a caravan site, under lock and key. Only warden and manager have access. One of the final circuits is protected by a 32A 3ph MCB and it supplies a 32 amp TPN socket adjacent to the board, the socket having […]
  • Good morning, We have a two-bedroom flat that my wife and I rent out to supplement our income. Following the recent EICR, several issues categorised as C1, C2, and C3 were identified. I've tries to discuss alternatives with the engineer, particularly concerning the replacement of the consumer unit (CU) due to its high cost. However, […]
  • 2 bedroom annex at least 100m from main supply on 16mm 2 core swa with armour as earth and Ze of 2.42. Thinking easiest option to intall earth rod to improve.
  • Just wanted to get some thoughts from other electricians who regularly do EICRS, does anyone else code a fan isolater with no 3A fuse protection?
  • Doing an EICR on a commercial install, there’s a copper pipe comes down a pipe chase with the stop cock fitted onto it, it’s then pvc pipes that come out the other side and these are fitted onto the sink, does it require to be bonded??
  • Hi guys Completed an EICR yesterday. One of the Sockets Radials had no CPC so R1+R2 plus Zs could not be not be completed. Does anyone know the Regulation supporting this Code 1/2? I can see 411.3.1.1 but this relates to Lighting. If anyone could assist Id appreciate it, I know its a fault but […]
  • Not sure whether this is the right context or even forum to mention this, but I’ve recently been offering out myself to a friend to help get his Certs across the line for a small fee off the top. Would anyone anyone else consider this? With all the right details provided I can get these […]
  • During an Eicr noticed the remote garage got an up & over metallic door.. the garage got its own CU & relevant RCBO’s… No incoming services only the newly installed Garage Door which is controlled by remote… would you consider a MPBC to it
  • Hi everybody, I've been asked to do a EICR in a commercial property, So i popped in to have a look on my way home quickly and found the lighting cables are clipped to the ceiling and walls, So my question is… do the lighting circuits need RCD protection due to not being 50mm deep […]
  • See this time after time – poor installation: new split load board on a re-wire tt installation. The main switch is not a time delay rcd. The board is metal and there are split load single insulated conductors before the 30mA rcd's. If these conductors touch the metal work the board may become live without […]
  • I'm practising EICRs on friendly locations as I'm still in training – technically done my 2391-52 but frankly need loads more practise. I've just done an EICR on a flat and a few things that I didn't know how to code/address came up: 1) How do you code (and look for) inter-connected circuits? I found […]

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