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Electricians Chat – Off Topic Stuff

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  • Everyone loves food! So to stop always hijacking the good morning thread I've made our own place to chat and drool about food! Recipes, photos or just general foodie stuff all welcome here! So, I didn't end up making my sausage pasta last night, I'm going to do it tonight! Here's the (very loose) recipe!. […]
  • Alright I can't find the other one. So made a new one. Been watching 3 body problem on netflix and its right up my street. Fictional space related thing. I'm half way through and it's mint. No spoilers please (at a guess, everybody dies lol). Any other suggestions?
  • Lads Can you tell me if there are any requirements for British Trained Electricians working in the Irish Republic ? Specifically, to do with Colour Vision Testing . In Irish Republic presently, you cannot wear filtered lenses to sit Ishihara Vision Testing , wheras in Britain, I believe it is allowed Do British trained… Read […]
  • Election then July 4th! And easy win for Labour for sure, but Reform UK might get (probably will get) Nigel Farage now and they could shoot out of nowhere but not sure anywhere near enough but you never know. I'd not like to try make the country make money! NHS, wars, hacking of info, energy, […]
  • We made the mistake one year of letting our middle child watch the Eurovision Song Contest, and now she spends her time watching every countries successful, and the unsuccessful entrants. Now the UK entry has been announced. Of course last years compitition was cancelled, so I thought you’d might like to hear Iceland’s entry from […]
  • Not everyone’s cup of tea, but as you see from my profile, I like a bit of science fiction and Lego…. so I’m starting a thread. One official Lego set from my collection per day… should take about 6 months! In no particular order…. I’ll start with a recent eBay purchase. Missing a few very […]
  • Have you got any plans for the long Easter weekend? Here in the UK Friday and Monday are both Public Holidays so a lot of people have a break or do some projects around the house.. in between eating chocolate eggs of course? Do you get any days off in the US or Australia? Are […]
  • Is he okay? Anybody in touch with him? He's not been on here since 2018 man!
  • Retirement means a new home for my cherished number plates. R50 HMS and R40 HMS R5 OHMS & R4 OHMS Both on retention and ready to go. Post me if your interested. Roger
  • Hi fellow Sparkies! I've never posted before on this site and now I've retired its a bit late to frequent the pages of this forum but I need to find a good home for my two number plates. Prefer to sell them as a pair. Used to trade as "Ohms electric" and had one set […]
  • I always find a new hobby to start ! . Doubt it will ever be for money etc .Just to occupy time/brain . What do you know about it etc etc .Cheers
  • What’s the best breed for someone’s first dog?
  • Hello, I'm a student studying product design engineering in Scotland. Our current project involves harnessing energy from everyday sources such as walking, wind, or door closing, and transforming it into a practical application. Our concept focuses on utilizing the energy generated by the contact between the bottom of a shoe and the ground to… Read […]
  • Been sorting through some pics and came across this. I have a thing for piers and would have been working in the area but cannot place where this is, I thought Worthing, Brighton and Eastbourne but fairly certain it isn't them. It has an odd tone because it was shot on Lomo retro slide film, […]
  • Engineers and the Supersonic Jet. Back in the 70's, a jet manufacturer was trying to build a jet that would go Mach 4 (4 times the speed of sound for non-aeronautical types). Finally after many years of design, the jet was finished. A test pilot took it out for its maiden flight. Everyone gathered around […]
  • Something a little different this year…. Not that I’m running out of songs… but I thought this might cheer a few folk up. classic comedy sketches from either Christmas editions of shows, or something nostalgic that is always shown on tv at this time of year. First up…. The absolute kings…… it wouldn’t be Christmas […]
  • xAI
  • How can I delete my account?
  • I found myself needing to do some emergency plumbing at home this evening. I've got a small guest flat on my property which has been empty for about a year now. I went in there the other day and noticed the bathroom was very humid and there was some mildew type mould starting on the […]
  • Hello All, I am in the process of trying to open a new Electrical Wholesalers in Wales / Western England. I have identified distributors/purchasing associations and potential property however; wanted to reach out and see if anyone had suggestions or comments on what a wholesaler should be…. e.g. what do you want to see when […]

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