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  • I was at my shed this morning, and something came to my mind about installing a charge point and taking payments for charging cars. I say “shed” but it’s actually a large empty warehouse belongs my FIL. He bought it, then took it off commercial property, as it was only going to be used for domestic storage of caravans, his little sports car…… Read more
  • I have a client who wants an EV charger installed, charger TBC, but about 7KW, installed about 20m away from this installation. I've not done one before, but I understand I need to split the tails and main earth and add blocks so I can add an EV CU. CU is in a cupboard and the tails and earth must be coming up from below it, would you look to… Read more
  • Hi I'm just starting to fit EV chargers as part of our solar installs. Just looking at the tester options I currently have a Megger 1711 but this isn't suitable due to no DC RCD test. Does everyone end up buying a new MFT or am I missing something? cheers
  • Morning all, I'm wondering if anyone has much experience with the Tesla Gen 3 Wall Chargers? Quick look through the instructions shows no PEN fault detection; easily dealt with using a Matte or similar. Also, I noticed no facility for Load management/curtailment of the installation via CT clamp, other than restricting the charger load in… Read more
  • Evening all, I have a little conundrum I need to get resolved. I’ve moved an EV charger from a single phase board that was on a 40a breaker and no RCD protection, over to a different 3TP board, on a new 40a Type A RCBO (Single phase) The customer is now reporting that the charger has a PME Error. “Ground Fault-PME Fault” I’m a little… Read more
  • hi guys / girls , any advice would be appreciated, So the situation is a domestic property has a 3 phase supply , from the service head we have 3 phase supply to henley blocks , from here there is a 3 phase supply to remote outbuilding and a single phase supply to the house consumer unit ,the customer wants a 3 phase charger in the outbuilding… Read more
  • I am an NICEIC contractor but I have never installed an Electric vehicle charger. I have watched all of the relevant NICEIC webinars (The wire) on the subject and familiarised my self with all of the regulations etc and my next step is to enroll on some of the manufacturers online courses. I am asking for advice from electricians with… Read more
  • Hi all, Has anyone here had any experiance of installing a Porsche 11kw 3ph EV wall charge unit ? We've not done many EV installs to date but the ones we have done have all had O-PEN protection built in to the units, (Easee) The Porsche unit is basically a fancy looking empty box that comes with a 16a 5 pin 90 degree commando attached to… Read more
  • Hi What the Maximum number of EV charge points that you can install in a Domestic system.
  • Hello all, I need to have an electric car charger installed but at the moment I'm puzzled about what my options are. My garage is at the back of my house (access through a back road) which begs the question, with the electric car charger installed there,do we need to run a cable to the electric board? The fuse board is under the stairs at the… Read more
  • On another forum for general EV chat this question comes up all the time. It's very common to install a charger taking the supply direct from the meter box via a secondary box and suitable protection installed within the meter box. Reasons to do this appear quite sensible: 1) Often far easier, cheaper and practical than routing a new circuit… Read more
  • Been having problems of late with hard rocky ground making installing rods on EV chargers next to impossible. This thread might also be of use to people when putting rods in when exporting PME with tricky ground conditions too. Have come across this Looks quite useful. anybody actually used one of these? did see them at the… Read more
  • I have an EV charger installed by a local firm. The install looks nice and tidy but with only a 2 meter run from the board you could hardly expect anything else. In the board was a 40amp mcb. This was connected with 6mm EV ultra cable. Rated at 58 amp and only passing through the wall through a breeze block, cavity then brick. It is then… Read more
  • Hi, We had a EV charger installed recently over the past day ie 32amp 7.2kw. In the fuse cupboard I’ve attached before and after photos. I have a 100amp fuse for the house. For the new EV board setup, should the 2 grey cables entering the EV board (10mm) be the same 25mm thickness as the other cables? Would this cause any issues for me? Or… Read more
  • A question perhaps for @Gavin John Hyde or others: I have a potential customer who is looking for an EV charge point installed at his property to charge a company vehicle. He needs to be able to generate usage reports for his employer to be able to claim back the cost of charging the EV. Any thoughts on the best solution for this?
  • Hi, I’m wondering if there is anyone who knows how to fit a Nissan Leaf motor and battery to a Land Rover series/ would be willing to take on the project. Looking to do it on the cheap but not through a company. So might be something for an enthusiast but would need to obviously be road worthy. Any ideas where to go? Thanks Ed
  • Am I right in assuming this is a looped supply and therefore the end to my ev charger dreams? 20230914-142317-resized hosted at ImgBB Image 20230914-142317-resized hosted in ImgBB ibb.co
  • Just a question as I’m waiting for a new electric car to be delivered and they have included installation offer when it arrives free of charge. However, I’m a bit concerned as to whether they will need to get to the main switchboard which is all the way round the house which is going to be really tricky – can they patch straight into the Ring… Read more
  • Hi, I'm looking into solutions for someone wanting potentially two ev chargers and wondered if anyone here has had experience with this. They potentially, depending on price would like two ev chargers fitting to the house facing the drive, one either side of the front door but only for charging one vehicle at a time currently. It seems… Read more
  • What does the voltage sensor do for our car charging point? protect from surge or dropping power?

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