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  • notice i didnt say "suitable outside" rather than me buying a drum of external cat6, running it between house and shed, with an outlet socket at each end and a couple of short patch leads for the modem and computer end….. can i just use cat5e with rj45 terminations directly, but cover it with something.. or thread it through pipe on the… Read more
  • Hi folks. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what this is? I was given it a few weeks ago, tried searching the interwebs for info but found zip. TIA! G
  • Hi Guys Think it's time I brought myself a 'decent' punch down tool. Any recommendations would be appreciated ? Been eyeing up both of these…… Thanks Sy
  • Hello How lan connect two computer to one lan internet
  • Hi Guys After bit of advice please as we don't do much data normally, tend to sub it out. Had garden building this week which we'd run in SWA cat5e in and decided to terminate and test ourselves. Put a click RJ45 socket at each end and tests failed, tried with hager RJ45 and same issues. On closer inspection inner pairs appeared to be… Read more
  • I've been looking at some home videos that I've made over the years. I'm thinking it's about time I had a play around with editing and titling my works of art(!) and editing out bits that should have been on 'that' DVD 😉 Anyone got suggestions for some software? Either Windows or Linux (Ubuntu). Basically I want to take bits from assorted… Read more
  • One client asking me to replace two one gang existing RJ45 data socket . One of them have to replaced with 4 gang and another one gang replace with 2 gang. its two different office and before its was just one computer on both office . Now client wants to connect 4 different computers in one office and 2 in other office. But the isue its tha… Read more
  • Ive been asked about supplying and installing a wifi network across a caravan site, as i fitted one myself years ago at the site i worked on. The system i used never worked 100%, so i was looking for newer hardware that could be used. Im sure TP Link or Netgear would do something, but i'd need to have a back office application… I dont… Read more
  • Hey guys. So, I'm building a lower consumption pc for a pfsense router. The build is done, tested it last night, went through some configuring and did a laht system to power it off, and disconnected everything from the wall. This morning, I thought let me try to finish the configuring, but it doesn't want to turn on. I have a pico psu and a… Read more
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  • I would ask my daughter, but she’s on study leave for exams. Basically I want a graph that will compare readings from 3 different electric meters. I want to graph the difference between each reading, not a gradually increasing line. I’m trying to compare what my hot tub consumes, compared with the house in total, and compared with my PV… Read more
  • Guys, which of you is engaged in programming? How did you come to this and what teaching aids did you use? I would like to hear advice from experienced people. I will be glad to feedback.
  • I have installed a new Cat5e cable (about 10m) between my network hub and a new office outlet. The cable does not light up with my cable tester (with new battery). I made a test lead with all pairs shorted out to plug into the wall socket and a second socket (to accept the new RJ45) wired to a choc-bloc. I get 0 ohms on my multimeter for each… Read more
  • We've got 'standard' 40/10 FTTC fibre into a Sky SR203 router, which all works fine and we get speeds around 38/8 at the Sky Router. I've laid CAT6 to an outbuilding where it's connected into a Netgear Nighthawk r8000 predominantly to run some security cams that the WiFi just won't leap as far too, even with extenders. Sky Hub is acting as… Read more
  • Just installed it and apart from being a bit slower, don't really notice much difference unless I am missing something?
  • Hi We install equipment in domestic houses in UK. The equipment is monitored over the internet via ethernet connection and the usual RJ45 connector. The equipment is usually installed in a utility room or garage, so the ethernet cable isn’t usually long enough to go directly back to the router….instead, our customers use “TP Link” type… Read more
  • Win10 always has a WiFi disconnection problem, restart the computer to reconnect, how to do?
  • I have a wifi issue in a remote office. I notice now that when I install Wireshark on Windows it gives me an option to install USB Pcap. With the usb pcap can I capture wifi air traffic promiscuously, if I use any USB wifi adapter? I thinking of rushing out to source a 802.11abgnac USB adapter for this purpose. I don't have a Windows laptop… Read more
  • Hi I went to look at a job recently, the house is quite big and they are having trouble getting WIFI in one side of the house. They currently have a BTHUB5 and are at the maximum amount of BT WIFI discs. My plan is to run a CAT6 Cable from the router to the problem area. Is there a device I can connect to the CAT6 cable that will boost WIFI… Read more
  • Got a laptop with i7-7700hq with gtx 1050. Do you think it will still be working well with the upcoming windows 11?

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