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The Screwfix DIY Forum is something of a joke at most times, its like the screwfix DIY shop. They claim screwfix shop is for professional tradesmen but their prices are shocking, go to CEF.co.uk or Yesss.co.uk or any one of the other 30 electrical wholesalers instead if you’re a pro – Screwfix is for DIY only – inferior quality parts and DIY-only drills no professional range with long guarantee even if they’re being used daily for professional use.

But it’s really starting to piss me off now with its sudden climb up the search engines because of the last ranking update. It’s a massive advantage large wholesalers like them and ebay and amazon have long had old of the unfair advantages to the structure of their sites.

It’s just because its mammoth DIY shop that it ranks so well as a forum. And the amount of advice I’ve seen written on there that is borderline illegal (eg professional electrician giving dangerous advice to incompetent DIYers, we see it on their plumbing forum too, nearly saw a thread discussing central heating systems too and nobody should be touching those who live on a screwfix DIY forum.

Electricians’ Talk Screwfix Community Forums are for DIY people.

Use the professional forums instead. Tilers Forums, Electricians Forums, Plumbers Forums.